Benefits of Construction365cloud

Project budget tracking

All data that is drawn in reports, can be allocated to specific projects. Construction software solution should be able to give you perspicacity on which projects you make higher margins, and which projects your better off not taking. As building construction management software can help you collate the data towards a project, and you know the budget you have. You can track the exact costs versus the budget. Contractors have daily insight into their profitability and their project development. While the project/job builders are able to alter things in order to gain their margins.

Work Allocation

With Construction software, work allocation enhances a part of a project. Allowing projects and tasks is just one click away as everything is listed under one location. Improvements in software provide alerting project owners during a process goes wrong and sending emails with the blunders identified. This duck’s confusion relating to work contracts and is a quicker way to project conclusion. Construction Software resolves issues faster than manual calculation. Delays routing back to material unavailability in the warehouse, material misplacement, miscommunication, etc. are determined with construction software.

Construction Risk Assessment

By managing project documents prepared, construction management software supports managers to identify and resolve potential risks before they even occur.

Cloud – Based Software

Main benefit of cloud-based software is 24*7 availability. Cloud based Construction Management Software. Control all your project information in one place, from anywhere. Construction365cloud is cloud based construction management software that keeps construction teams better connected and organized.


Access control - who has the right to obtain the Software. Authorization - Determining Rights of a User. Authentication - Examining who the user Is. Data stability - Maintain Confidentiality of Data. Password integrity - Encryption of Passwords. Automated Data Backup.


Single window monitoring to save administration time. Demographic report for analyzing data. Generate a graphical dashboard.

Mobile Compatible

The construction accounting & project management software is mobile friendly. So, users can access it from anywhere.

SMS / Email communication

Communication within the office and the field is one of the most challenging parts for subcontractors. Pretty often communication is lost in the quantity of SMS and emails which executes it hard to hold people responsible. Tracking information within your business is the key to manage responsibility and overcome communication-related risk. When purchasing software, subcontractors should look to see how they’ll communicate with their staff.